Swim with dolphins in the Florida Keys. Dolphin swims at Dolphin Cove are like no other dolphin encounters.

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Swimming with Dolphins
Natural and Structured Experiences

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Here at Dolphin Cove we offer several swimming with dolphins experiences. Our Structured Dolphin Swim is a one-on-one dolphin encounter involving touch and interaction facilitated by one of our dolphin trainers. Our Natural Dolphin Swim is an opportunity for you to swim with dolphins using mask, fins and snorkel. Swimming with dolphins during this program does not guarantee any physical contact and any contact that occurs must be initiated by one of our dolphins.

These dolphin swim programs are very different and can often be difficult to choose between. This may help: If you definitely want to touch a dolphin then the Structured Dolphin Swim or Encounter programs are for you. If you want to swim with dolphins and experience their grace, fluidity and natral playful behavior then come enjoy our natural dolphin swim.

Just can't decide? We offer a discounted combination package for people just like you. Contact us for a reservation. See you soon.

swim with dolphins in Key Largo Florida

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